Weddings Mashup

Here we are happy to present some highlight from 2015 weddings. We tried to make every minute count and add as much value as we could. At Kiklab Studio we love seeing our customers happy. Actually, most of them became our friends. These are some of our best moments together from 2015 and we are looking forward to cherish the best videos of 2016. Stay …

Aerial Wedding

Your wedding is a special day, hopefully one you will gladly remember. Here at Kiklab Studio we capture and preserve emotions, crafting memories to be shared with your loved ones. The chosen venue for this wedding enabled us to capture some awesome images as the sun was throwing nice shades of red over the lake. We used a DJI Phantom 3 …


Forest Wedding

People always had a special relation with nature. Add love to this equation and you have a great wedding! A&A are young, they are madly in love and this is their wedding day and everything is perfect. Their big day was filled with laughter and joy. There is no recipe for that but if you love each other, you can’t go …

2 in 1 Event

This might be one of the most interesting days at Kiklab Studio. Our beloved clients had two unique events in the same day: wedding and christening! We had a lot of fun shooting them and we must admit it had a unique energy. This will be a day to remember forever.

Lovely wedding

When shooting weddings we experience something different every time. This wedding reminded us about the tradition and it showed us that sometimes love has no limits and holds no barrier for time. Music: Mindy Gledhill I Do Adore


Wedding B-ham

The best day of their life as a family started on a beautiful Saturday at this amazing venue near a lake. They said it was the wedding of their dreams. We had fun together and we made sure that they are the star on their beautiful day. We create outstanding wedding videos. Does not matter your color, religion, origin. We …