Business videos

What easier way than video is there to present your company, product or service? If a pictures is worth 1 000 words than what is a video worth? We create business presentations for companies because it works. We can make a 60 or 90 seconds video for your social media, or a short explainer video for your product or service …

Nursery & School

Short video presentation for one of our clients featuring the nursery & school buildings. This video was shot using a DJI Phantom drone.

Dum Dum

Our friends from DumDum wanted to show off their equipment in action during an event. We captured just a small part of what they do to make a simple private event into a successful party.


Dear friends, sometimes the process is important and companies show it to their customers for full transparency. Here is a quick overview of the Supercard’s card producing process and why it makes a big difference for their business. Enjoy!


Here at Kiklab Studio we create professional photos and videos ready to amaze your audience! In this video commercial we have a dynamic presentation made for Winston Island located in a busy mall. This is part of a bigger project.